OddJobs? Handyman Services can assist with most minor repair, maintenance and installation needs: at home or at work. Common requests include:

  • ADJUST door and window clearances, security light settings
  • ASSEMBLE small utility sheds, large book shelves
  • CLEAN spoutings, filters, grilles, windows
  • CLEAR sections, garage, shed, downpipes, exhaust ducts
  • FIT door knobs, cabinet handles, entrance doors, vanities, extractor fans,
  • IMPROVE house and yard access, storm water drainage
  • INSTALL TV brackets, letterboxes, smoke detectors, hand rails, garden trellis, clothes lines, cupboards
  • LUBRICATE hardware, door and gate openers
  • MOUNT pictures, mirrors, towel rails, garage door openers, hose reels, panel heaters
  • MOVE furniture, shrubs,
  • PAINT gates, garage doors, window frames and paint prep incl. water blasting
  • REPAIR fences, gates, kitchen cabinets, gib walls, hardware
  • REPLACE spa pool cover clips, light bulbs, locks, hardware
  • SECURE furniture, hot water cylinders and office filing cabinets
  • SERVICE hinges, hardware, taps,

Then, there are the uncommon requests:

  • grocery shopping
  • document destruction
  • sorting and disposal of deceased estate knick knacks
  • charity shop deliveries

Other services offered include:

  • Bathroom and kitchen design and specification
  • Preparation of Maintenance Checklists and Schedules
  • Programmed maintenance
  • Advisory and Diagnostic services
  • Minor project management