Hi, I’m Richard, proprietor and sole operator of OddJobs? Handyman Services.

Problem solving is one of the things I do best and I have a background – and qualifications – in  engineering, manufacturing and home improvements. My work philosophy is that if it isn’t good enough for my place, it isn’t good enough but I guess this won’t mean a lot to you if you haven’t seen my place!

My process is to personally assess and discuss each job after initial contact is made. Later, I’ll email an estimate. If accepted, this forms the contract.

Repair work often requires more skill and resources than that required for new work, in my experience, so I choose not to provide quotations. This permits flexibility between parties, sometimes even saving money.

You’ve heard the catch phrase “no job too small”.  Well, some jobs are just too big for OddJobs? Handyman Services and I’ll tell you if I think that’s the case. But those small ones…bring ‘em on!